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How to Use Amazon Competitors’ Keywords Finder

What can you do with Amazon Competitors’ Keyword Finder:

  1. Find the best traffic-generating, most converting and top-ranked organic keywords of your competitors.>>Target only the keywords that can bring traffic and sales!
  2. Find keywords that buyers are actually searching on Amazon to find your product.>>Optimize based on those long-tail keywords to seize the traffic that you didn’t even realize it exists.
  3. Find the best buyer keywords that have large search volume but low PPC bidding. >> Focus your keyword ranking effort on those expensive keywords and use PPC ads to target those cheap keywords to maximize your time and cost efficiency!

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How to Use Amazon Keyword Generator

What can you do with Amazon Keyword Generator:

  1. Product research based on big keyword data. >> Find the most profitable product keyword ideas before your competitors!
  2. Find the best and most targeted keywords to optimize your listing page and backend search terms. >>Get more targeted traffic!
  3. Find the best PPC keywords and bid wisely with the suggestions. >> Get more sales and improve ACoS!

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