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The best way to beat your competition, is to learn from them. If you can figure out their strategy of keyword selection, then you can get one step ahead of them. 

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Key Features

Backend Keyword Extractor

The only tool online to extract the 100% Exact Backend Search Terms of any ASIN instantly! 

Keyword Generator

​​​The most powerful merchant words research tool. Simply input your seed keyword to get all relevant keywords with Real Amazon Search Volume!

Reverse ASIN Pro

Find your competitors' Top Keywords, their Ranking Positions, Competition Level and much more data! Learn why they are ranking so high and what you need to do to outrank them.

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Reverse ASIN PPC

Find all search terms that your competitors have been bidding for by manual PPC campaigns and those keywords Amazon match and bid for them in auto campaigns.

Keyword Rank Tracker

Track the ranking position changes for all your keywords on a daily basis.

Free Tools

We are constantly developing free tools and Chrome Extensions to help our users save time. E.g. HTML Converter will convert your description from text to HTML with 1 click!

More Coming Soon...

why choose us 

big databse daily update
Industry Leading Technology & Database

Our system is monitoring Amazon buyers' searching and buying behaviour 24/7 to provide you with all keywords that have generated real traffic to your competitor's listing. We are consistently updating the database with more and more keywords. 

amazon real accurate search volume
Real Amazon Keywords & Search Volume Data

Stop guessing on keywords and demand. Our tool will tell you what are the exact keywords your competitors are ranking for; what are their exact monthly search volume on Amazon; what is the bid for page 1 ads position with no estimation!

Flexible Pricing System Subscription & Credits

We do not force you to subscribe to monthly plans, because we know you will continue to use the tool if it really helps you! You can choose to buy credits and pay as you use or subscribe to enjoy big discount.  We give you full flexibility.

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Easy-To-Use & Fast Filtering And Download

Stop using tools that require huge amount of time to select keyword from. Our tools are designed in the most user-friendly way to save your time. All filters are set up to help you select the right keywords in a matter of seconds. Download full keyword report with 1 click!

What Our Users Have Said....

amzdatastudio review
amzdatastudio review
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amzdatastudio review

testimonials from industry leaders

amazon best seller

Yiğit Tuna
Turkish Amazon Seller Community Leader

The key to succeeding on Amazon is always being one step ahead of your competitors and this is what you exactly get from AMZDataStudio. You will know what backend keywords your competitors have and the most viable PPC keywords that WILL save you tons. There is no single product that I launched without using AMZDataStudio, I recommend AMZDataStudio to all my clients & trainees.

best amazon keyword tool

Alex Knight 
ecommerce and online marketplace journalist

AMZDataStudio has some great features for Amazon sellers. I particularly like the Competitors' Keyword Finder and the Amazon Keyword Generator - these are really valuable tools! Not only do they generate long lists of keywords but they give sellers in-depth data on each term, which is clearly presented and easy to take action on.

amazon best seller

Kim Jonson
500K+ Amazon Seller and consultant 

AMZDataStudio is the best keyword research tool for Amazon sellers. No matter you are a new seller or big seller, this can help bring your sales to the next level. My favourite tool is "Competitors' Keyword Finder" which is the best reverse ASIN tool in the market. I found so many valuable keywords with high demand and low competition that I can rank on page 1 in a couple of days! Definitely recommended to all sellers!