#1 Weapon to Hide Bad Reviews from Your Amazon Listings [2022]

Have you ever been bothered with terrible 1-star reviews appearing on the top of your Amazon product's review section and don't know what you can do?

In the last post, we talked about the 5 steps to get a negative Amazon review removed.

Today I'm gonna show you in details the most powerful weapon in 2022 to make those bad reviews disappear in seconds and will never show up again!

Where are those bad reviews from?

Imagine if you were the buyer, would you buy a product with the top 3 reviews like these?

I would not...

But as the seller, we know how much effort we have put into sourcing the product and controlling the quality. These negative reviews definitely don't reflect the real condition of our products.

So where are those bad reviews from? Why did so many people find them helpful?

Of course, some of them are from your buyers, but most of the ones that have been voted to the top are from your competitors who are jealous of what you have achieved.

They bought your products, returned them, left terrible reviews, and hire others to vote them up to the top so everyone can see them.

Those 1-star reviews with massive helpful votes would stick on top forever no matter how many good reviews you have.

What's the consequence? 

Well... you will see your sales go down dramatically, as research shows that 85% of buyers only look at the top 10 reviews shown on the first page.

amazon bad reviews

How can you make those bad reviews disappear?

Unfortunately, Amazon won’t do anything about these malicious reviews, no matter how many times you appeal to Amazon or complain about them.


Because this situation is so common nowadays that Amazon has no time to care.

Is there nothing sellers can do?

Well.. Amazon will deal with those sabotaged reviews only if you can provide a professional report. 

That’s the well-known “Review Cleaner” service offered by ZonBoost. Their expert team will analyze the content of the review, the reviewer's profile including all of his buying and reviewing history, the source of the votes and the relationship among the voters. Then they will compile all the information into a professional report and escalate it to Amazon's review management team. 

Then Amazon will take immediate action to downgrade those bad reviews. They will drop to a very low position and be buried by the good ones.


negative amazon reviews showing on top
remove amazon bad reviews

This service could push down any bad review from your Amazon product's page WITHOUT voting any other reviews. It is 100% TOS compliant and guarantees the cleaned reviews will never come back to the top.

Some sellers may prefer voting their 4-5 star reviews up in order to bury the bad ones. Indeed, prior to the year 2020 this was a widely used method. However, ever since May 2020 votes no longer work well. Good reviews brought up by votes tend to drop to their initial position within 7-10 days. That’s why wise sellers now turn to Review Cleaner to fight against their negative reviews.

What makes the Review Cleaner service even more powerful?

No matter whether the bad review is malicious or not, Review Cleaner can make it disappear from the first page in 1-3 days! Just let them deal with it.

Why do we recommend them?

1. Zonboost is the only provider of this service.

2. They have a 100% money back guarantee so you have nothing to lose.

Now go check all your Amazon listings, see if there is any bad review at a prominent position. If yes, submit it to the Review Cleaner immediately! The earlier you submit it, the easier and faster it can be removed!