Amazon Keyword Relevance Score Checker

In this article, we are gonna introduce to you the most important keyword ranking factor - relevance score.

  • What is relevance score?
  • How to check the relevance score for your keywords?
  • How to find out what are the most relevant keywords for your listing in Amazon's eyes?
  • How to find relevant keywords of your competitors' products?
  • What you should do to achieve a higher score and better ranking?

What is Relevance Score?

Keyword relevance is basically how Amazon’s system determines how “rankable” for a term a listing is. 

The more relevant a listing is for a keyword, the more capable of ranking for that keyword the listing is. So, if all other ranking factors are equal, a listing will win out over another listing for a keyword it is deemed more relevant for.

How to Check Your Relevance Score?

Simply input your ASIN into this Relevance Score Checker and click the "Relevant KW" button.

The tool will ask Amazon,

"What do you think are the most relevant keywords for this ASIN?"

Amazon will then return up to 100 keywords that they found relevant for your product with a relevance score 1-100 based on your listing optimization.

You can also input your competitor's ASIN into the tool and see what are their most relevant keywords in Amazon's eyes.

Watch this video below to see the tool in action.

How to Interpret the Result?

Amazon will return up to 100 relevant keywords for your product based on your optimization, and sort them from the most to the least relevant with a relative score 100-1.

  • Low score doesn't equal to bad performance, it only means there are other keywords Amazon found more relevant than it. That's why this tool also instantly help you check your ranking for these 100 keywords. So as long as you get a page 1 ranking, you are good. 
  • If your relevance score is low, ranking is also bad, then you need to work on improving the relevance score in order to achieve a better ranking.
  • If you get less than 100 keywords, which means your listing optimization is poor. Amazon couldn't match more keywords to your listing. You can use this extension to extract 10 well-optimized competitors' keywords, and use those keywords in your listing.
  • If you find not-targeted keywords in the list, you did a poor optimization too. Amazon is confused and not sure what you are selling. This can make Amazon show your ads to not-targeted buyers and increase your ACoS.

How to Achieve a Higher Score?

Here is Amazon's official explanation on what affects this most important ranking factor - Relevance Score.

  • How often the keyword appears in the description (keyword density).
  • Where in the listing it is found (title keywords are more relevant).
  • How closely the keywords occur (do they create key phrases within the listing).
  • How many purchases are made through the searched keyword.
  • amazon relevance score

    Now you know what keywords need to be further optimized, you can import them into this free Amazon Listing Builder and automate the optimization process.

    Don't forget to check your relevance score regularly using this relevance score checker to see your optimization result, because it can be changed on a daily basis. The tool will instantly pulls the most up-to-date data for you directly from Amazon!