6 Ways to Get Rid of Amazon Listing Hijackers in 2019

Hijackers are always annoying to Amazon sellers. They steal the buybox from your listing and take away all your sales in no time.

In this post, I will share with you 6 methods we use to get rid of all hijackers.

No.6 guarantees you a 100% success. So keep reading!

amazon buybox hijacker

Send a Warning Letter to the Hijacker's Account

The first thing you could try is to send a warning letter to the hijacker.

Most of the newbie hijackers will stop selling your product within 24 hours after they see this warning letter. 

Template done for you:


Dear XXX,

It has come to our attention that XXX is using the XXX trademark without license or prior written authorisation from XXX.

XXX holds federal trademark registrations in the United States. So XXX listings violate XXX trademark and intellectual property rights. You are also in breach of Amazon’s Participation Agreement.

Therefore, we demand that you immediately remove all listings on Amazon.com in which XXX utilises our trademarks and images protected by copyright.

XXX currently has at least one listing on Amazon.com for products that utilise XXX trademarks and/or copyrights without authorisation.

See the following ASIN: XXX

XXX is the only entity authorised to provide authorisation to sell its products on Amazon.com. Your listing constitutes a violation of XXX trademark rights, copyrights, and Amazon’s Participation Agreement.

XXX 's infringing listings must be removed immediately to prevent damage to XXX brand and lost sales.

While XXX has many options available under this state. But we would prefer to resolve this matter amicably. Please confirm to us in writing within 24 hours, that you have:

(1) Removed all of XXX trademarks and copyright material from your Amazon.com listings and any other website or public display you operate;
(2) Removed all of XXX listings of products it claims to be associated with XXX, including but not limited to the ASINs listed above

Failure to take action within 24 hours will force us to report this serious violation to the Amazon seller performance team. This is licensed products to Amazon.com as well, Amazon seller performance team will take such violations very seriously, possibly resulting in removal of your selling privileges on Amazon.com.

"We have received United States. Trademark Application and assigned serial number XXX to your submission." An official notification to you!

Thank you for your attention to this matter. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Legal on behalf of "XXX"

Report for Trademark Infringement

If you have an intellectual property right, you can contact Amazon seller support directly to report this infringement.

Intellectual property rights include

  1. Design patent
  2. Trademark
  3. Copyright

To report trademark infringement, you need to have a trademark registered in the government and brand registered on Amazon. 

amazon trademark infringement

Template done for you:


ASIN:       XXX

Dear Amazon Representatives:

- Business name of the violation seller: XXX


This is XXX the owner of XXX.

I am hereby reporting a trademark infringement from one of Amazon's marketplace sellers, who have been verified as selling counterfeited "XXX" brand products in Amazon marketplace. "XXX" this seller involved in this issue, is selling under a selection of the following ASIN: XXX

We are able to verify this issue by the following reasons:

Proof of the violation:

-Copy of trademark registration certificate: (LINK TO YOUR TRADEMARK REGISTRATION PAGE)

-Certificate of Trademark Registration:ATTACHED

Please note that during the time of review, they may still be able to sell the counterfeited products to the customers. In order to prevent the continuation of this IP infringement issue, we would like to ask if Amazon Marketplace will remove their selling privileges as well as their existing listings with the ASINs mentioned above from their accounts. 

This seller's counterfeited products in Amazon's marketplace is a violation of Amazon's IP policy. Their actions of these low quality counterfeited products have created a tremendous disappointment to our mutual customers, not only their shopping experience on Amazon.com  but also my brand. I am hereby requesting an immediate removal of this seller's selling accounts in order to prevent further IP infringement acts on Amazon.com.

If no actions are taken in certain time and the scenario continues, we will seek for full legal actions against all related parties.



Test Buy

The third method is to buy 1 product from this hijacker and ship it to yourself.

Then you can take a picture of the product you received to prove this one is not the same as yours. You can send this evidence to Amazon as a buyer after that.

If Amazon didn't remove the hijacker after your first test buy, you can repeat this process a few times from several buyer accounts.

To be honest, Amazon cares more about their buyers than sellers, which is kind of sad...

Amazon Exclusives

Amazon has a program called "Amazon Exclusives". 

Once you get approved into the program, Amazon will clear hijackers from your listings. But you need to pay an extra 5% commission to Amazon for all your sales...

If you want to apply, here is the link.

amazon exclusive

Spam the Hijacker's Inbox

This is similar to the 1st method we shared above.

But instead of sending 1 email and wait, you can send hundreds or even thousands of emails to your hijacker's inbox from different buyer accounts. (It does take time to register accounts.)

All of your emails will be read by Amazon's system. Amazon may suspend the seller account if a lot of buyers are complaining about trademark infringement, selling fake stuff or asking for incentivised reviews.

So your hijacker will be super scared receiving so many emails complaining trademark infringement against him/her.

Amazon Hijacker Removal Service

From what we know, there are some service providers out there claiming that they can help you remove any hijacker using their special techniques.

We have tried a few of them and the best we found so far is zonboost.com.

Zonboost provides 2 types of hijacker removal service, Listing Guard and Hijacker Remover.

Listing Guard is a software that runs 24/7 to remove FBM hijackers as soon as they sell on your Amazon listings. This is highly recommended as it saves us so much time and effort from monitoring hijackers at night!

You can read more about their Amazon Hijacker Removal Services Here.