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20 credits 100 credits 200 credits 600 credits 900 credits
$15 $60 $100 $240 $360 $249
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Search Term Extractor:     5 credits / ASIN
Organic Keywords:     15 credits / ASIN
PPC Keywords:     15 credits / ASIN
Rank Tracker:     LIFETIME Tracking: 1 Credit per Keyword
Subscription for Backend Search Term Extractor
Unlimited Usage
Marketplace: All Marketplaces
Unlimited Usage
Marketplace: All Marketplaces
$99 / Month $99 $49 / Month
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*This subscription plan is only valid for the search term extractor for all marketplaces.
*If you need credits to use the organic & PPC keyword function, please top up credits directly.
*The subscription is a one-time payment. Your bank will not be auto deducted in the next billing cycle. So you can decide whether you want to continue with a next subscription when the current one expires.

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