Use This Loophole to Get Your Products as Lightning Deals on Amazon

I assume most of you know what is Amazon lightning deal and how it can help you generate huge amount of sales in a short period of time.

Lightning deal is something that every Amazon seller should run every now and then to boost the BSR and ranking of your product especially for new products.

However, Amazon has a selection system that will randomly select products which are qualified for the lightning deals. Sometimes it is really annoying when our products are qualified but not selected by Amazon with no reason.

So today I am going to share a trick that we have been using with you which can sometimes help you create the lightning deals by yourself without even been selected by Amazon officially.

For US marketplace, what you need to do is simply enter this url and replace “SKU” with your product’s SKU.

For other marketplace, use the corresponding sellercentral url instead and replace “SKU” with your product’s SKU as well.

Simply as that!

Please note that this is just a loophole we found and have been using for our own products for a while. However, it won’t work for all products.
You can try with each of your SKU and see which one works.

Good luck with trying!

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Thanks for sharing. Will make a try

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