6-In-1 Amazon Tracker Software: TrackElf

amzdatastudio keyword rank tracker

amazon keyword rank tracker

  • Track the keyword ranking & page changes with daily updates.
  • Automatically track all your parent & child ASINs together.
  • Track up to 10 competitors & compare trends at the same time.
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    Track the "Amazon Choice" badge & search volume of keywords.
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    Integrate with our keyword tools to suggest keywords to track.
amazon ppc rank tracker

PPC Ads Rank Tracker

  • Track the ranking changes of your ads with daily updates
  • Find the optimal bid that gets your ads appear on the 1st page
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    Get notified when your ads drop from your desired position
  • Automatically track all parent and child ASINs together
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    Spy on the ads rank of your top 10 competitors at the same time
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    Detailed charts to compare ads rank trends of the search terms
amazon review tracker

Product review tracker

  • Track new negative reviews of all your products everyday.
  • Get notified when someone left you a negative review.
  • Extract reviewer's personal email, contact him/her directly and get the bad review removed fast.
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    Monitor your review progress overtime with the trending chart, see how many good/bad reviews you received on a monthly or weekly basis.

listing hijacker alert

  • Monitor all your listings 24/7 with hourly check of hijackers.
  • Get notified as soon as a hijacker is found on your listing or your product title is changed by them.
  • Set up a warning letter with our pre-written template.
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    Automatically send out a warning letter to the hijacker's seller account to get it removed as soon as possible.
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    Easily find all hijack history in our system record.

Top-Seller Store Monitor

  • Monitor all the big sellers in your niche 24/7 and get notified when they launched a new product.
  • Follow the big players closely, save your time from manual product research and let your competitors do the hard work. 
  • Start to validate those product ideas now and launch yours in just a matter of days!

Product Performance Tracker

  • Track the daily changes of any product's sales, inventory, price, BSR & reviews.
  • Monitor the sales performance of your/your competitors' products closely.
  • Add all your new product ideas into the tracker to identify the best performing ones easily.
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    Track your own product and get notified as soon as it is blocked from getting new reviews.
fba calculator

free gift: Amazon keyword index & rank tracker

Instantly check your product's keyword index status, ranking positions, ads rankings, search volume, competing products and relevancy score!