Tool Updates

Keyword Suggestion for Rank Trackers 

- 13th Sep 2018

For "Keyword Rank Tracker" and "PPC Rank Tracker".

After choosing marketplace and inputing your ASIN, simply click the button "Suggest Keywords". Our system will analyse your listing and suggest the most relevant and high demand 10 keywords for you to track.

If you don't know which keywords you should track, this feature will be very helpful. It is only available to our subscribers for now.

Limited to 100 suggestions per month which should be more than enough.

Chrome Extension Updates 

- 7th Sep 2018

For our free Chrome extension "Amazon KW Index and Rank Checker"

  • Updated the kw index checking method following Amazon's algorithm changes lately.
  • Check kw ranking for all variants at the same time.
  • Show you which is the ranked ASIN for a keyword.
  • Add the competing products info.
  • If you leave the ASIN field blank, you can use it as a keyword tool to check keyword search volume and competition data.
kw index checker update

New Tool Launched: Telescope Product

- 24th Aug 2018

Our brand new product research tool "Telescope Product" is launched today! It is by far the only accurate source for an Amazon product's
  • Impressions
  • Sales
  • Conversion rate
  • Revenue
  • Average Price
You can use it to check your top competitors sales volume and trend to verify your new product ideas. All data is directly extracted from Amazon's database! Not from BSR guessing or inventory tracking!

telescope product research tool amazon

Keyword & PPC Rank Tracker Upgraded

- 13th Aug 2018

We upgraded our keyword rank tracker with some awesome new features today after the 2-week beta test!

  • Track all parent and child ASINs together
  • Track your top 10 competitors at the same time
  • Track the "Amazon Choice" badge of all your keywords
  • Favorite and add notes to keywords.
  • Tracking from the same IP to make sure data is accurate
  • Beautiful graphs to compare keywords/product trends

The PPC Rank Tracker is also launched today to help you track your ads ranking on Amazon, find the optimal bid for each keyword and take action fast when your ads drop from the first page.

amzdatastudio keyword rank tracker