Question 1: What is the data source of AMZDataStudio?

  • All the keywords, search volume and other data you see on AMZDataStudio come from the real database of Amazon. However, as we all know Amazon doesn’t provide the exact search volume to anyone. So we used our self-developed technique to crawl the site and then used a special formula to calculate the search volume. We have tested many formulas with our own products based on the data we crawled, and found this one is the most accurate so far! We trust the data on our tool because we have tested it in many ways with 10k+ keywords. Feel free to test it out yourself as well!

Question 2 : Are the results 100% accurate?

  • Yes. The results are the 100% exact backend keywords that the seller has set in the backend search terms field of that ASIN. Feel free to test it out with your own ASIN!

Question 3 : Why are the keywords in different lines displayed in one line sometimes?

  • This is because the seller has used commas to separate their backend keywords. When they do this, all the backend keywords will be considered as in one line by Amazon. The different search term fields will be displayed in different boxes if they are separated by space in SellerCentral.

Question 4 : How much does one search cost?

  • One search costs 5 credits. Please make sure you have enough credits on your account before you start your search. You will not be charged if the ASIN has no backend keywords.

Question 5 : How long do I have to wait before getting the results?

  • You could get the results immediately after you click “Extract”. However, sometimes it may take a few minutes longer due to high demand at that time. Don’t worry, come back in a few minutes and refresh the result will do.

Question 6 : Is it safe to use the service?

  • Yes. The tool is completely safe and using 100% white hat method.  Also only yourself can view your search history.

Question 7 : Is the extraction result showing the most updated version of search terms?

  • Yes, it shows the most updated version of the keywords that ASIN has at its backend search term fields.  Usually it will take Amazon 24 hours to update your backend keywords after you changed it in Sellercentral. And as soon as Amazon updated it, our tool will update it as well. So the keywords you see using our tool is the most up-to-date version.