Frequently Asked Questions

Subscription Plans

How can I cancel my subscription?

Will my unused quota expire by the end of the month?

What should I do if the transaction failed?

What if the quota in my subscription is not enough?

Other Pricing Questions

Do I need credits if I am already a subscriber?

How do I change my credit card for recurring payment?

How do I download invoice for my purchases?

Will credits expire?

Backend keyword extractor

Are the results 100% accurate?

Is it showing the most up-to-date version of keywords?

Why is it showing "No Result" sometimes?

Is this against Amazon's TOS?

reverse ASIN Pro

How are the keywords selected in the report?

Why are some of the keywords not closely related?

How many keywords do you provide in 1 report?

Will I be charged if the result only has a few keywords?

Reverse ASIN PPC

Why some of the keywords you extracted are not in my ads campaign?

Will I be charged if the result only has a few keywords?

telescope Product

Is the sales data 100% accurate?

Why is the conversion rate is different from my sellercentral report?

Why is data missing in a few months for my ASIN?

listing builder

Is this a free or paid tool?

Can I add my own keywords into the ST Bank?

Keyword & PPC Rank Tracker

Will I be charged extra for tracking my variants, competitors or the Amazon Choice badge?

Why sometimes the ranking data is different from what I found on my browser?

What Amazon marketplaces does it support?