Keyword Research Tools

Search Term Extractor

Extract the 100% Exact Backend Search Terms for Any ASIN Instantly.

Competitors' Keywords Finder

Get all top ranked and best traffic-generating organic keywords of your competitors.

Keyword Generator

Generate all relevant buyer search terms with keyword search volume, competitors' price & bids.

PPC Optimization Tools

Competitors' PPC Keywords Finder

Get the keywords your competitors use for their PPC ads with detailed analysis.

PPC Competition Radar

Find all products who are targeting the same search terms as you. Bidding for keywords wisely & improve ACoS.

SEO Tools

Keyword Rank Tracker

Perfectly track the ranking progress of your product keywords and the keywords of your competition.

Index Checker

Live check if a keyword is indexed or not by Amazon for the particular ASIN.

HTML Converter

Convert your Amazon description from text to HTML in one click.