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Backend Search Term Extractor

This is the only tool in the market which can extract the 100% exact backend keywords from any ASIN!

Simply paste any ASIN into the search box and you will see the Exact keywords that seller is using at its backend search term fields in the exact same order! No Guessing! 100% Accuracy & Legit Guarantee!

Feel free to try with your own ASIN. You will be impressed! 

Supported Marketplace: US, UK, DE, ES, FR, IT, JP, CA, AU, MX, IN.

organic keywords

Competitors' Keywords Finder

This is the only tool in the market which provides you with the ranking data when you do reverse ASIN lookup!

Get all top ranked and best traffic-generating keywords of your competitors with all supporting data below to help you easily select the keywords you want.

  • Keyword Ranking
  • Amazon Search Volume
  • Keyword Competition
  • First Page PPC Bid
  • Recommendation Score

Tip: Use this function to find out your own well-ranked keywords.

ppc keywords

PPC Keywords Finder

This is the only tool in the market which can reverse check PPC keywords for any ASIN!

No matter the keyword is bidding in auto or manual campaigns, as long as it has been ranked well for the ASIN in the past 3 months, we have it recorded in our system and show to you!

You can easily choose keywords to bid from your competitors' bidding list. It saves you time and money from testing yourself. 

The tool tells you at which position your competitor's ad was ranking at and the first page bid for exact, phrase and broad match.

organic keywords

Amazon Keyword Generator

This tool will only generate keywords which have been searched for and leaded to purchase in the past 90 days. Stop optimising keywords which will never bring sales to your listing!

Enter your main keyword to generate all relevant merchant words which real buyers have searched for and made a purchase in the last 3 months.

  • Find low-competition high-demand product
  • Find the best keywords to target for ranking
  • Keyword Competition Metrics Analysis
  • First Page PPC Exact/Broad/Phrase Bid Suggestion 
  • Real-time keyword price distribution chart for first page products
amazon keyword rank tracker

Keyword Rank Tracker

Perfectly track the ranking progress of your product keywords and the keywords of your competition.

  • Track Daily Keyword Ranking
  • Check Indexation Status
  • See Trend and Daily/Weekly Changes
  • Manage All Products & Keywords at One Place

amazon ppc keyword tool

PPC Competition Radar

Find all products who are targeting the same search terms as you. Bidding for keywords wisely & improve ACoS.

Whenever you found a potential search term to bid on, simply paste that search term into the tool and see what are your existing ads competition. Found all products with the highest ads rank and compare your price, reviews and rating with them to see if you have the advantage against your competition, then you can optimise accordingly.

amazon description html

html description converter

Convert your Amazon description from text to HTML in one click!

  • Save your time
  • No registration needed
  • Free to use
  • Clean html code
  • Designed according to Amazon's description requirement

Keyword index checker

Keyword Index & rank checker

This is a FREE and POWERFUL chrome extension that helps you:

  • Bulk check your keyword indexation
  • Instant check your keyword ranking
  • Check the Exact & Broad keyword search volume (This is real Amazon data! No estimation! You need to sign in to your seller-central account in order to get this because it is pulled directly from Amazon!)